Account Type Benefits

Features Demo Account Live Account Platinum Account
Free Practice Account Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Floating Spreads (STP)
Range of Markets 800 800 800+
Client Support Helpline
Dedicated Account Manager
Free Personal Platform Demonstration
Weekly Newsletter 4 Weeks Lifetime Lifetime
Withdrawal Processing Time - 24 hours 12 hours
Deposit Amount 0 100 100,000
Withdrawal Cost - 0 0
Deposit Cost - 0 0
New Trader Bonus -
Personal Trading and
Market Analysis
Traders Club -
Pro Traders Club - -
Dedicated Senior
Market Analyst
- -
Rebate on Fees - - 20%*
Additional Markets/
Instruments Upon Request
- -

= Standard
- = Not available

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Account Types
PipIndex Capital Markets believes that successful trading comes as a result of correct market analysis – whether this analysis is approached from either a Technical or a Fundamental point of view tends to be determined by the core beliefs of the trader, and what they believe to influence the markets.

We are delighted to provide our clients with a simple, honest and fair range of Account Types – demo, live and platinum. These are simply demarcated based upon your level of deposit, to ensure that you have all the necessary information and required support in order to help you achieve your goals. We have designed our standard Live Account to be vastly superior to almost all other premium accounts.

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Please feel free to discuss the finer aspects of each of these different trading levels with any of the PipIndex team.

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