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PipIndex Capital Markets believes that successful trading comes as a result of correct market analysis – whether this analysis is approached from either a Technical or a Fundamental point of view tends to be determined by the core beliefs of the trader, and what they believe to influence the markets.

We are delighted to provide our clients with a weekly Newsletter in order to ensure that you have all the necessary information in your arsenal.

This Newsletter will provide you with analysis of a number of markets which are being actively traded by both our clients and others in the market, updates on the markets highlighted in the previous weeks’ newsletter , and what you can expect from the week ahead.

For our Demo Account traders, we will give you access to our Newsletter for a period of 4 weeks.

For our Live Account traders, we will provide you with unlimited access to our Newsletter.

For our Platinum Live Account traders, we will supply you with a personalised Newsletter. Our Platinum traders are able to provide the PipIndex market technicians with 2 instruments of their choice, on a weekly basis, in order to be armed with comprehensive analysis from a technical perspective that may assist you with predicting potential future market movements.