Privacy Policy

PipIndex Capital Markets (the ‘Company’) is committed to the protection of Customer’s personal and financial information. The information provided to the Company during or after the account application process is used to service Customer accounts and to inform Customers about changes or improvements to our products.
All client information, with the exception of credit and debit card details, is secured on the Company servers via server authentication and data encryption. Credit and debit card numbers are stored on the Company’s PCI compliant payment gateway provider's data encrypted servers.
The Company will not sell your personal information to third parties but may share information with, amongst others, our regulator, our bankers, our chosen debit/credit card Verification Company and organisations the Company uses to verify your identity and address.
If you have been introduced to the Company by a person or company that has a commercial relationship with us we may disclose your personal and financial information to them. More information about introducers and the information we share with them can be found in clause 15.6 of the Customer Agreement.