Speed of Execution

PipIndex uses high capacity MT4 Gateway Technology connecting our advanced Smart Order Routing and Aggregation engines to Metatrader, notably capable of processing up to 5,000 orders per second or 400 million orders per day - all within the MT4 environment.

We have achieved our outstanding execution quality by carefully combining the most up to date best practice with the unique and minimalist approach to technology, architecture and technology-related processes.

We execute each individual client order directly into our Liquidity Pool which grants immediate access to the inter-banking market. Additionally, we protect our clients’ interests by granting them full transparency both before and after each trade has been placed.

The Importance of Speed of Execution

We do not discriminate against our clients by preventing them access to the inter/banking market rates, while the vast majority of Retail Brokers / Market Makers will do so. We do not deploy a "wait and see" approach to execution. We execute all orders, including micro and mini lots, via our 100% STP model for all accounts starting with a minimum deposit of €100/£100.

In this example to the left of the page, you can see how a low execution speed can affect your trading. You might have an ideal entry point in your chosen market (1). However, when you attempt to place the trade, it is not executed promptly. The market might then move in your favour, unfortunately without you having a live position in the market. You would most likely be then offered a “re-quoted” price (2). This is not your ideal entry point, but you might still feel that it is acceptable as you predict a continuing move in your favour. You click to enter the market, but the price has moved further again. Your trade is finally executed (3). By this stage there is a substantial difference between your ideal initial entry point, and the point at which you actually were allowed to enter the market.